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7.63mm C96 ‘Broom-handle’ Mauser semi-automatic pistol

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Mauser C96 (9mm) Possibly one of the most popular handguns of the its first appearance dates back to , appearing in Brian Desmond.

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Oviedo Spain M1916 Serial Number

The Mauser HSc is a 7. Production was continued in —46 during the French occupation and, later, from to by Mauser. It features a semi-exposed hammer, double-action trigger, single-column magazine, and a spring surrounding the barrel.

I have a M94 Swedish Mauser dated ; serial number on all parts is , which the Imperial German Army contracted with Mauser for , C96 pistols.

Complete with spring loader catch; every MP 40 was issued with at least one magazine loader for which a separate compartment is found on most MP 40 Magazine Pouch Sets. These stamps were commercially manufactured for use on the M1 Garand rifles, though some could be used to replicate or forge the markings on the U. Our GSG MP magazine features aluminum construction, is black in color and has a capacity of rounds. Built from durable and authentic stamped steel, the SRC MP40 features electric blowback, imitation Bakelite furniture, an under folding stock and a drop free 60 round magazine.

Very crisp markings! The Magazines were able to slide horizontally to use the additional magazine when the first one became depleted. A bladed tool is an essential piece of gear, wether it be a Knife, Bayonet, or even a Tomahawk you will find yourself in need of a sharp edge sooner then later. The MP40, as success dictated, would go on to see service on a global scale after the war, a testament to its sound design and manufacturing.

The pouch is a typical grey canvas made example as issued to all members of the Wehrmacht which indicates the Heer , Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine altogether. Includes bullet button and a 10rd magazine 30rd magazine body with a block installed, making the Walther PPQ.

Deactivated German C-96 Broom Handle Mauser:

Mauser firing pin. Keeps easy bolt lift and trigger pull of a So I picked up a model Mexican mauser the other day and found out the firing pin was broken. These firing pins are made with an aluminum alloy shaft that is permanently bonded to a steel firing pin point.

Pre-dating the widespread adoption of breech-loading cartridge guns by A.​ Mauser C96 magazine pistol with a rare combined cocking.

The Mauser C96 commonly called the “Broomhandle” or “Broomhandle Mauser” due to its distinctive grip , was a German semi-automatic pistol, developed in , and manufactured from to circa The C96 Mauser was one of the first semi-automatic pistols to see widespread use and was copied in Spain and China. In China, C96 and variants have the nickname “box cannon,” with various explanations for this being either the weapon’s weight 2 pounds heavier than the 9mm or 7.

One particular point of interest with the C96 is that the weapon is entirely held together through the fit of the parts: there are no pins and only one screw in the entire gun, the one that holds the grip panels on. One unfortunate aspect of this construction is that the barrel and the rest of the upper are a single forging: many vintage 7. It should also be noted that with the stock attached, it is more or less necessary to use an irregular hold thumb of the strong hand not wrapped around the grip to avoid the hammer slamming into the user’s thumb.

There are several major variants, though continual product improvement at the Mauser factory led to dozens or hundreds of individual variations arising over four decades of manufacture.

Mauser C96 Broomhandle – Date of mfg. – value and any other information tha…

To ensure you the best experience, we use cookies on our website for technical, analytical and marketing purposes. By continuing to browse our site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Pistols remain one of the most popular of all categories among gun collectors and the winter sales in London proved a bumper season for handguns, from the earliest wheel-locks of the late 16th century to the semi-automatics which ushered in the modern age at the end of the 19th century.

The morning featured the sale of the collection of the late Daniel Williams, whose passion for firearms was kindled in childhood. He initially concentrated on 19th century American pistols and rifles, but later on English and Irish flintlocks and percussion guns.

Beretta is the oldest gun company in the world dating back to well known from two of it’s designs, the Mauser 98 Rifle, and the C96 Broomhandle Pistol.

Mauser C96 Semi-Automatic Pistol. Credit: Image from the Public Domain. Sponsored Links. One of the most recognizable early-form semi-automatic pistols became the Mauser C96 series. The C96 shape was classic with its front-loading magazine, thin barrel assembly and “broomhandle” pistol grip. C96 pistols proved exceedingly popular over time, pressed in numbers required of two World Wars and many lesser conflicts, becoming the sidearm of guerilla fighters, frontline military personnel and casual civilian shooters.

The C96 and all her variants enjoyed a long, healthy production life and an even longer service life while her success drove several foreign sources to copy the design outright. Several of her marks have since become sought-after collector’s items. The Mauserwerke C96 series semi-automatic pistol was the collective product design of three brothers whose last name was known as Federle while under the employ of Mauser during The design was then patented under the Mauserwerke brand label the following year.

The initial model was designed to chamber the 7. The weapon underwent testing into to which serial production was then made official. The pistol, therefore, garnered the official designation of “C96” to coincide with the initial year of production. Early manufacture proved slow, limited to just over examples over a nine-month span.

Mauser C96

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Umarex C96 Mauser. £ Umarex C96 mausuer mostly made from strong plastic, but has a nice wight. these.

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C96 from Battlefield 1 vs the real gun

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