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While the expression is jovial in nature, these expert travelers can multiply quickly, devastating homeowners and families. Bed bugs are tiny, nocturnal vampires that feed on the blood of animals and humans. Their bite is painless but normally results in red, itchy bumps similar to that of mosquito and flea bites. But unlike these pests, bed bugs tend to bite in clusters and lines, leaving patches of red bumps on the surface. If you notice patterns on the skin that resemble constellations in the night sky, your culprit is most likely a bed bug. This allows them to feed undetected for up to 10 minutes before it wears off. These vampires thrive at night while we sleep and very rarely bite in daylight. Bed bugs can feed anywhere on the body but gravitate towards exposed skin like the face, hands, arms, and neck.

Got bedbugs? New Yorkers may scratch that relationship

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Bed bugs were unearthed from archaeological sites dating back more than 3, years when they were thought to be both a pest and a potion. In the s.

You woke up with some strange marks on your pillow case. Bedbugs have spread rapidly over the past two decades, and the prospect of infestation can strike fear into the most cool-headed of people. We understand—at least five of our staff members have battled bedbugs in the past few years, including me. When we were researching our guide to the best mattress cover , we found a real lack of levelheaded, practical advice on what to do if you suspect a bedbug infestation at your home.

We also put together some tips on how to avoid encountering or bringing home bedbugs when you travel. Bedbugs spread rapidly, may leave itchy bite marks, stain and soil bedding and furniture, are difficult and expensive to eradicate, and carry social stigma—all causing real psychological distress. There are many bedbug lookalikes, including carpet beetles , spider beetles , roach nymphs , and bat bugs , Matt Kelly explained.

12 Summer Bed Bug Prevention Tips For Pittsburgh Homes

In many respects, bed bugs are the perfect parasite. Under cover of darkness, they feed while their hosts lay sleeping. Their bites are painless so the victim seldom realizes they were bitten until later on.

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The nasty little buggers are a serious cause for stress and a nightmare for families and businesses to deal with. According to The National Pest Management Association, 1 in 5 Americans have been impacted or know someone who has had bed bugs. If you think you might have bed bugs, the first step is to call for an inspection. According to PestWorld. Eighty-four percent of pest control professionals were contacted about a different type of pest before identifying them as bed bugs.

Green Wing can quickly help determine if you do indeed have a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are ancient insects dating back to ancient Egypt. Yes, seriously. Studies have suggested that they lived off bats first and then moved on to humans. These gross insects were close to being eradicated, but because companies began using unsafe chemicals to treat the bugs, they are making a big comeback due to resistance and international travel.

Central Florida is extremely vulnerable to bed bug infestations see bed bug heat map.

Love Bites: Dating in the Age of Bedbugs

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Besides, after the first week or two of finding the infestation, I had no furniture and my house was a wreck—not exactly conducive to hosting wanted guests. For reasons wholly unrelated to bed bugs, that alliance did not work out.

These 8 archeologists have been a known bedbug problem. Hopefully we just read this answer still, most recent reports dating. The bed bugs. Archeologists.

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Sleep Tight Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

He has a great job — check! He is good looking — check! He makes you laugh — check! He has bed bugs — check!

Difficulty level: single, 30’s, and actively dating. So the building I live in has chronic, ongoing bedbug infestations. The landlord did not disclose.

The new site update is up! I need coping tips for living with them for the next few years. Difficulty level: single, 30’s, and actively dating. So the building I live in has chronic, ongoing bedbug infestations. The landlord did not disclose this information when I was viewing the apartment a few years ago. Because the entire building is infested and the landlords only treat individual apartments, having my unit treated only offers relief temporarily.

I can’t keep living out of bags and throwing my life into chaos every few months. I’ve given up. I’m pretty much stuck, but if I hang in there for a couple more years I can buy a place.

I Spent Months Battling Bedbugs and Years Trying to Get Them Out of My Head

Studies suggest that the common bed bugs Cimex lectularius that infest our homes today are descendants of cave dwelling bugs that fed on bats and later on our ancestors. As humans moved out of the caves and into their agricultural civilizations, the bugs moved and evolved with them. Since then we have spread them all over the world. Archeologists have even found fossilized bed bugs dating back 3, years.

During the early s, the infestations reached their peak causing tremendous problems in hotels and homes throughout the country. It was so effective, in fact, that most Americans thought they had completely wiped them out.

Dating with bed bugs, the new STD. I would hate to lose this person over what has been a horrible nightmare I’m trying to put behind me. Feb ’11 Posts: You.

For the best experience and to ensure full functionality of this site, please enable JavaScript in your browser. But, as the last 15 years has taught us, the bedbug is alive and thriving throughout the country. Now that you know how a bit more about bed bugs, including how to identify the bites and to spot the evidence of a population, the next step is to take steps to get rid of them!

JavaScript is Disabled For the best experience and to ensure full functionality of this site, please enable JavaScript in your browser. Bed bugs are known to have been a part of life in ancient Egypt. They are noted in writing of ancient Greeks and Romans, and surely they made life miserable for the people of all time periods since then. Their modern demise came with the use of DDT, chlordane, and diazinon, but the side effects of these toxic chemicals brought about their banning by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bites are Irritating But Not Dangerous It gives only a little comfort to those who are enduring bed bug bites to know that, while the bites are irritating, the bite of the bed bug is not known to transmit any virus or bacteria. The bites of bed bugs are often mistaken for mosquito bites, but beg bug bites tend to be clustered in one area or in a line, instead of spread out as mosquito bites often are.

The bits initially produce a red raised area that becomes itchy and sometimes swollen and sore. Some people get allergic hives at the bite location. The red marks can last up to two weeks. While true, dangerous allergic reactions are rare, people who have often been bitten develop anxiety and insomnia.


Bed bugs have become a major pest control issue as outbreaks and infestations continue to rise throughout Chicagoland. Understandably, this has many of us concerned! Start learning about bed bugs and find out how Aerex Pest Control can help with your bed bug extermination needs. Studies suggest bed bugs evolved from insects that fed on bats over , years ago.

The bugs were introduced to the human population when humans lived in caves alongside those bats. Archaeologists have discovered fossilized bed bugs dating back further than 3, years, and the bugs are also mentioned in writings from ancient Greece and Rome.

It is believed that bed bugs have fed on the blood of humans for millennia, dating back to the days when people lived in caves and bedbugs, often a parasite on.

Bed bugs are ancient, parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans. Their bodies resemble apple seeds, and they can be found wherever humans congregate such as: homes; apartment and office buildings; hotels; train cars; airplanes and most other places near where people sleep or rest. Their favorite hiding places include: the seams of mattresses, behind headboards, or inside furniture.

Bed bugs hitchhike from host to host via luggage, on clothing and inside furniture that has been in areas that are infested. In multiple unit housing facilities in Pittsburgh, bed bugs will often infest surrounding units, and in single family homes, living rooms, bedrooms and laundry areas are common sites of infestation. A blood meal is their only quest from the moment they are born until the second that they die. In addition to the importance of engaging ongoing highly effective bed bug control experts , there are some simple tips you can take to help prevent your Pittsburgh home from being invaded by these tiny nuisances.

Scientific studies as well as fossils uncovered at archaeological sites dating back more than 3, years clearly suggest that the bed bug has its origins in Middle Eastern caves that were inhabited both by humans and bats. It is believed their first hosts were bats and then the menu changed to include humans. Their species name, Cimex lecturlarius , derives from the Latin and the glory days of ancient Rome.

[Bed Bugs] The Sensitivity Spectrum: Human Reactions to Bed Bug Bites

Property owners are required to address bed bug infestations promptly. The surest strategies to keep bed bugs from spreading are prevention, early detection, and rapid treatment. The Housing Maintenance Code and Health Code both require that property owners address infestations promptly. Bed bug infestations usually require the services of well-trained, licensed pest management professionals, also called exterminators.

The pest control professional should perform an inspection to confirm the presence of bed bugs and to eliminate bed bugs, if necessary.

Please note that New York State law requires property owners to disclose bedbug infestation history dating back one year to new tenants through the Bedbug.

It starts with finding a single bug. After sending a flurry of voicemails to your landlord, the fear and paranoia begins to set in as you eagerly await a response. Your two roommates convince you that it’s nothing to worry about while your girlfriend frantically searches Google and starts reading. Of course, once you get ahold of your landlord, you ask for an inspection.

Multiple times. After weeks of uncertainty and radio silence from my landlord, I woke up with bedbugs on my chest. There was no denying it, so I started preparing the house and frantically calling the landlord. Then you get a charming little email saying that this is a “pitiful” problem and you can fix it yourself. You’ve only seen a couple, so it has to be manageable, right?

The couch was tossed, much to the protest of one particular roommate.

How Bedbugs Can Ruin Your Relationship

So stop listening to them. Getting to your gut, and if that fails listen to Anna Kendrick and the Into the Woods soundtrack. Let me explain. I listened to my friend.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” This saying came to fruition after centuries of battles between humans and bed bugs, dating back to ancient Greece.

A multi-targeted approach is required to eliminate all of the stages of the bed bug life cycle: eggs, nymphs baby bed bugs and adults. Adults and nymphs feed on blood. Their life span is approximately 10 months and they can survive over 6 months without a blood meal. Therefore, just leaving the house for a few weeks in hopes of starving them out is not effective.

Eggs in particular are hard to kill. If left uncontrolloed, bed bugs can spread throughout the house including the kitchen, inside electronic equipment, outlets and wall switches. Heat, cold or insecticides will kill bed bugs. Their habits and ability to hide make a multi-step approach necessary. Bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate, especially if they have spread throughout the residence.

For severe infestations, it is strongly recommended that you seek professional help from a licensed exterminator. A thorough cleaning is the first step.


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